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Learn how to Manage what Stresses you and Let Go of what is holding you back from Living your Life with Greater Ease, Peace and Contentment...

~See the World 

from a New Perspective​~

Allow me to Customize an Individual Session to...

~Reduce Stress & Anxiety

~Improve Overall Health and Well Being

~Reprogram Negative Thought Patterns

~Break Habits & Addictions

~Release Unconscious Blockages

~Release Trauma from the Source

~Manage Chronic Pain

~Produce Melatonin for Insomnia

~Increase Serotonin for Depression and Moodiness

~Lower Cortisol

~Promote Anti Aging

~Inspire Creativity & Productivity

~Create Harmony in the Workplace or Classroom

~Increase Test Scores and Happiness Quotients

~Gain Self Control and Self Regulation

Combining the principles and techniques of:



~Yoga Nidra


~Yoga Therapy



~Consciousness Breathing